1. Customer

Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego is a state-owned development bank whose mission is to support social and economic development of Poland and of the public sector in the implementation of their tasks.

The Bank is a financial partner actively supporting entrepreneurship and effective use of development programmes. It is also an originator and participant in cooperation between businesses, public sector entities and financial institutions.

2. Challenge

Our task was to design and implement a comprehensive system for managing document handling processes, along with an electronic document repository for paper documents to be digitised at the Bank and the IT infrastructure. It was also necessary to develop dedicated business solutions for selected departments at the Bank.

3. Solution

In the course of the project we provided the Ferryt platform, a BPMS system, which we used in order to model, modify and implement business processes. The ECM class tool provided supports the document circulation processes, outgoing correspondence generation and incoming correspondence registration. The paper document digitalisation mechanism allows for documents to be scanned and digital image and metadata to be verified. We also provided the OCR mechanism for the documents scanned and the electronic document repository. The project also involved implementing a number of business solutions that carry out tasks of the selected departments of the Bank. The implemented solutions significantly improved the process for obtaining EU funds, distributing EU funds and managing the national road fund.

As part of the project, we also implemented the SSO System, which is compatible, in particular, with the system elements made available to the BGK’s clients via the Internet. We integrated the system into the other solutions adopted by the Bank by means of an integration bus. We provided, installed and configured the necessary IT infrastructure in the basic and back-up processing centre. Currently, we have been servicing the system implemented.

4. Result

DomData has successfully implemented a process management system and an electronic document repository. We recommend DomData as a solid and reliable provider of systems and services. – stated the Head of the Operations Development Department.