Working time management

Do you want to efficiently manage your employees’ working time?

Is it important for you to have easy access to consumed and outstanding leave entitlements?

Do you want to have valid data on your employees’ overtime?

Choose the solution for working time management available on the Ferryt Platform. Implementing the module will give you an array of options to record various types of working time, business trips, leave entitlements, as well as to monitor any deviations. The system is a web-based application to be used by all of the employees based on the rights assigned. The Working Time Management module may be a part of your local intranet.

See the module features

Selected functionalities

  • a portal accessible to all user categories
  • a record of employee and associate data, as well as their agreements
  • working time register
  • remote work requesting and monitoring
  • on-line information on employee availability
  • requesting overtime
  • settlement of the overtime covered
  • requesting and accepting business trips
  • settlement of business trips
  • registering and accepting leaves entitlements
  • specification of working time and leave entitlements consumed
  • analytical dashboards for employees and supervisors
  • specifications for HR and Finance

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