Quality documentation management

Do you want to efficiently create and update quality documentation in your organization?

Would you like to have access, also remotely, to all quality management documents stored in one place?

Do you need to introduce automation in planning and execution of documentation audits?

Use the Quality Document Management Tool to keep full control over your documents. At the same time you will increase the security of storing and publishing documentation, as well as facilitate planning and execution of quality audits.

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Quality documentation management:

  • you will gain the ability to create and approve quality documents and to plan and execute audits
  • you will save the newly created documents and each subsequent version in the electronic repository
  • you can easily view current and previous versions of documents according to freely configured attributes (e.g. name, status, date, person, etc.)
  • you will be able to define and update document terms
  • notifications will be sent to users about process statuses
  • you will be able to define audits, the scope of documentation to be reviewed and action schedules
  • audits of quality documentation will be performed automatically or manually (on request)
  • it will be possible to use the data contained in the organizational structure of the company implemented in the module
  • you will be able to delegate the audit work together with automatic notification of the people about their tasks
  • you will ensure the security of your actions by giving users the appropriate rights
  • you can check the status of all audits and their results using reports and statistics

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