Purchase processes

Do you want to improve the effectiveness of purchase processes at your organisation?

We offer a solution thanks to which you will fully control the management of suppliers and purchase processes.

Our solution enables the Purchase Department to effectively pursue purchase strategies and to handle business purchase processes comprehensively.

Ferryt Purchase covers many purchase areas. Starting with registering a purchase request, by making a request for proposal, providing selected suppliers with RFx, negotiations, picking the supplier, making a contract, to reception and settlement.

See the functional modules

Moduły funkcjonalne

Supplier Portal

It gives suppliers an opportunity to take part in purchase processes, to update data and have access to reports.

Supplier Management

It stores all necessary supplier data; it enables adding or modifying supplier data and assessing the quality of cooperation with a given supplier.

Purchase Projects

It covers processes guiding the process of supplier selection from the planning stage, through tender, to recommendation approval and selection of a particular supplier.


Processes concerning internal distribution of agreement with appendices for acceptance, purchase project and suppliers database. The module has a file of e-documents.

Orders and Order Collection

The module operates purchase processes and order register covering projects which ended with supplier selection. It enables collecting a part of or the whole order.


It provides for registration and circulation of accounting documents. The functional scope of the module encompasses validating the documents, description along with substantive acceptance and inspection of the accounting documents.

Purchase Reports and Strategies

A set of reports presenting the purchase processes running. A purchase strategy will make it possible to plan activities aiming to optimise costs and purchase processes.

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