Project Office

Do you want access to information on all the projects running in the firm with the use of one tool only?

Do you need a solution to improve managing projects by project managers, to provide for automatic escalation and monitoring of deadlines?

By implementing the Project Office module at your organisation you will improve labour effectiveness of your project managers. You will automate the process related to creating and updating project documentation – project assumptions, schedules, agreements, job logs, invoicing.

The whole project documentation will be properly arranged in one spot, in line with your criteria. Thus, it will be easy to access and search for information necessary for project activities.

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Supporting Project Managers
Supporting Project Managers

The solution proposed supports the work of project managers running numerous projects at one time. Thanks to an intuitive search engine, the project manager will easily reach the required documentation, check the status of project settlements, verify the assumed deadlines or labour intensiveness of a given project.

Available functions:

  • recording project data
  • managing task schedule
  • controlling scheduled outlays vs. actual outlays
  • monitoring settlements with clients
  • creating and recording project documents
  • invoicing order

Supporting senior managers
Supporting senior managers

The Project Office module supports senior managers in project portfolio management. Managers have access to, among others, offerings, agreements, scheduled outlays, time schedules, task status and settlement schedules. Managers can also check the status of project acceptance and payments, working time consumed.

Information available:

  • summary of the projects under way
  • review of projects and settlements of the projects under way
  • access to project documentation (agreements, orders, reports, invoices)

Supporting the maintenance department
Supporting the maintenance department

The Project Office module allows the maintenance department (in charge of maintenance contracts) to manage comprehensively the maintenance of solutions implemented. Thus, the department has an ongoing access to information on the status of maintenance works.

The following are options the system offers:

  • performing maintenance contracts
  • calculating maintenance fees
  • invoicing
  • verifying changes to the maintenance schedule
  • ongoing management of maintenance contracts at your clients’ place
  • verifying the status of maintenance activities
  • executing extra orders
  • comparing the assumed objectives vs their performance
  • contract settlement

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