Digital invoice circulation

Do you want to reduce invoice processing costs and skip the paper form?

Do you intend to improve controlling expenses, the quality of document assignment and acceptance, so that the end-to-end process could be completed in a day?

Implement Ferryt-based invoice circulation processes.

Process-based invoice handling has an added value in that it enables incremental building of an e-file of invoices with a search option based on various criteria (e.g. “show all the invoices of an X supplier”).

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Ferryt-based digital invoice circulation enables:

  • registering and digitizing invoices (scanning, OCR)
  • automatic or manual selection of counterparties
  • substantive verification (rationale for accepting a document)
  • business acceptance based on a predefined acceptance hierarchy
  • assignment of accounting and financial documents
  • assignment of controlling documents
  • automatic data registration in an accounting and financial system via interfaces
  • e-filing an e-document

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