Correspondence Circulation

Do you want to efficiently register and process incoming and outgoing documents at your organisation?

Do you need a tool to improve the process of breaking correspondence down into categories and to circulate it with the documents at your enterprise?

Choose to implement the Correspondence Circulation module to improve the safety of your documents while fully controlling the way they are handled. It will positively affect the quality of client servicing.

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Thanks to the Correspondence Circulation:

  • you will e-file your documents the moment you receive them, without risking their loss
  • you will provide for controlling the scans of documents which are to be circulated
  • you will register documents both one by one and in batches
  • you will direct the documents to the right processing paths
  • you will start dedicated workflow processes for selected document types
  • you will faster deliver the documents to the intended addressees
  • you will shorten the letter response time
  • you will generate outgoing document batches and formal documents necessary for the delivery (e.g. bill of lading)
  • you will know where the physical documents are stored
  • you will receive information who and when browsed the mail
  • you will use OCR to identify text and to read and complete metadata
  • you will use document registration to start the process of handling invoices, complaints and others
  • you will receive information on the current delivery status, e.g. receipt confirmation from the addressee
  • you will use document circulation reports to prepare various specifications and to run quantity analyses

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