Business Trips

Are you planning to optimize the business trip workflow process?

Do you want to reduce the number of paper documents in the process?

Do you need a solution for your employees to be able to request and settle business trips in an efficient manner?

The Business Trips module is a multi-channel solution to optimise and expedite the processes related to requesting and balancing business trips.

Thanks to its intuitive interface, your employees will process their business trips more efficiently. You can follow the entire process from a computer or a mobile device. By implementing Business Trips in your organisation, you will reduce the number of paper documents in the process.

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Business trip requesting process
Business trip requesting process

A business trip may be requested by an employee or a duly authorised person. While requesting, the employee completes the data concerning the purpose, accommodation, means of transportation or the advance amount. A complete request is sent to the supervisor who accepts or declines the business trip by retrieving a link in a mail. Then, the employee receives a mail with information on accepting or declining the request placed. The entire process may be executed from a mobile device.

Settling business trip expenses
Settling business trip expenses

Business trip expenses are settled upon return. The employee approves of or modifies the schedules expenses in the initial request. The cost-related documents are scanned with the use of a phone or scanner. The document attached is automatically sent to the supervisor and the accounting department. Then, the authorised individuals verify whether the invoices correspond to the initial trip assumptions, and accept or decline the settlement.

On accepting the data, the business trip will be automatically settled in line with the business rules embedded in the system. The settlement amount is sent to the accounting department for final verification. At the last stage of the process, the settlement amount may be automatically posted in the enterprise’s financial and accounting system.

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