Profitability Management

The Profitability Management module calculates the actual costs of manufacturing products or services. The calculations take account of direct and indirect costs of client servicing.

The module also identifies possible ways to reach higher business profitability.

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Cost allocation
Cost allocation

The module enables an easy and correct cost allocation. Once set up, a rule enables permanent, multiple allocation of costs of a given nature to a given spot in the organisation or a cost type. In this way, profitability management does not require any permanent analyses – standard reports and ad hoc analyses follow the data automatically imported from a number of source systems.

Profitability assessment
Profitability assessment

The solution makes it possible to manage profitability in such areas as:

  • CRM
  • product promotion and positioning
  • pricing policy
  • account receivable management


The system includes the following profitability-related information:

  • sales channels
  • clients
  • product groups
  • products
  • processes
  • enterprise departments

Selected module functions

  • access to a readily available and automatic information of the profitability of actions
  • showing the influence of decisions taken on transactional costs and profits
  • a multi-cross-sectional data analysis with an option to pursue details
  • setting up rules for qualifying costs
  • access to information on a transaction-by-transaction basis
  • comparing indicator values over time
  • analysis of trends and deviations
  • access to complex reports with a graphic presentation of results

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