Planning and Budgeting

Planning and Budgeting combine organisational and financial planning by defining tasks, skills and duties of individual organisational units in terms of values.

The module makes it possible to plan and prepare multi-layer budgets. Ready-made budgets may be pooled based on a predefined hierarchy.

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Organisation budget management
Organisation budget management

The module provides for preparing investment, organisational and financial budgets. The prepared budgets may be subject to a multi-level approval. The budget having been approved, its performance at the organisation begins. Throughout the performance, the module controls deviations from the values assumed.

Support at budgeting
Support at budgeting

The system supports budgeting in the following way:

  • using various budget scenarios containing different macro- and microeconomic parameters
  • presenting the impact of decisions to be made on the enterprises’ performance
  • enabling simultaneous activity of numerous persons working on various budgeting aspects, in line with a predefined action plan
  • making budgets more flexible for selected areas of business activity

Selected module functions

  • preparing the scope of responsibilities for individual organisational units
  • distributing tasks in the planning process
  • division of data for planning
  • controlling budget performance
  • reporting aggregate data
  • defining tasks to perform

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