Manager dashboards

While providing the latest aggregate managerial data, manager dashboards support decision processes in organisations. They make it possible to analyse and assess the performance of individual business units, departments and employees.

Managerial data are presented in an attractive and transparent graphic form which enables a quick analysis of the current condition of the organisation.

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KPI monitoring
KPI monitoring

The module enables monitoring the performance of selected enterprise areas. Thus, it is possible to check to what extent the fraction objectives have been met and to assess the enterprise’s performance with more ease. It translates into an accurate reflection of the firm’s operations.

Supporting managerial data analyses
Supporting managerial data analyses

A clear graphical visualisation of aggregate managerial data supports the users in the analysis of short- and long-term trends. The reports provide a wealth of options to interact with data, e.g. choice of the context for time and presentation, drill-down. In this way, the user may verify among others:

  • economic condition of the organisation and its individual departments
  • effectiveness of the actions undertaken at the enterprise
  • events, states or trends that require particular attention or action

Comprehensive analysis
Comprehensive analysis

Reports presented in manager dashboards present data coming from various sources. The sources may include:

  • transaction systems
  • applications for the needs of local government units
  • external reports
  • databases

Users can enter data, e.g. in the form of comments to information presented.

Selected module functions

  • creating personalised dashboards for selected groups of recipients
  • visual presentation of key indicators
  • comparing indicator values over time
  • analysis of trends and deviations
  • introduction of a target value and a benchmarking value
  • permanent access to a valid set of indicators and parameters describing the enterprise’s condition over various periods and cross-sections
  • monitoring the interpretation of quality features and the level of indicators describing the enterprise’s condition and
  • flexible changes corresponding to the stages of enterprise’s expansion

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