Investment Project Management

The Investment Project Management module operates a process of planning and executing investment projects and it also supports managing an investment portfolio. Universal tools for analyses and reporting facilitate investment activities.

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Investment process management
Investment process management

Managing the investment process starts with planning all the tasks to be performed over a specific time period. Planning in the module involves allocating the resources to be consumed.

A ready-to-implement plan is subject to the organisation’s approval. An investment project meant for execution is monitored by the system on an ongoing basis. On the project completion, it is possible to settle the costs for particular tasks.

Investment portfolio management
Investment portfolio management

The module makes it possible to build a portfolio of investment projects and to assess their connections. In this way, the module helps to choose the most convenient option. Portfolio management makes it easier to prepare an investment project assessment indicator and to set up a system for qualifying investment undertakings and for assessing the execution. The system provides an ongoing monitoring of the entire investment portfolio as the projects are under way.

Investment project planning
Investment project planning

The module provides for the following:

  • advanced analyses of the project financing sources and their influence on economic viability
  • devising and modifying investment project’s schedule of works and expenditures
  • reflection of the project’s structure – dividing the project into the major and lesser components

Supporting the selection of an investment project
Supporting the selection of an investment project

The module supports the choice of the right investment project in the following way:

  • by an advanced calculation mechanism supporting the project’s quality and quantity assessment
  • by preparing a ranking of investment project which identifies the best undertakings
  • synthetic assessment of the investment project

Selected module functions

  • quality and quantity assessment of investment projects
  • identification of investment projects defying the predefined parameters (thanks to the early warning mechanism)
  • presenting dependencies between investment projects compared
  • registering projects’ financial and non-financial parameters
  • assessing investment project effectiveness
  • project implementation monitoring

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