Cost Calculation

Application of the Cost Calculation module makes it possible to determine the profitability of the products made and services rendered. The indicators calculated underlie pricing of the goods and services offered.

Thanks to a precise calculation of the costs incurred, it is possible to effectively control and reduce expenses and expenditures. Introducing one standard of automatic calculations ensures a correct and valid outcome of analyses.

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Complex cost calculation
Complex cost calculation

Cost calculation is often a part of a larger implementation which e.g. relates to profitability management, benchmarking, sales or production controlling. ABC is the calculation method employed thanks to which it is possible to accurately allocate costs to processes and actions undertaken in an enterprise.

It translates into precise information on a variety of costs, e.g. products manufacturing, sales and client servicing. Defining the correct algorithms and allocating costs correctly make it possible to apply the same cost for managerial and financial accounting at the same time.

Calculation of a variety of costs
Calculation of a variety of costs

Among others, the module allows for the following calculations:

  • production cost per unit
  • client servicing cost per unit
  • technical cost per unit
  • total manufacturing cost
  • cost of goods sold

Selected module functions

  • defining product profitability
  • valuation of tangible items of the current assets
  • a multi-cross-sectional data analysis with an option to pursue details
  • comparing cost fluctuations over time
  • analysis of trends and deviations
  • graphic presentation of results

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