The Controlling module provides company boards and senior managers with information to help verify the completion stage of the goals vs. the plan. Depending on the organisation’s needs, the solution may be used to control various business areas.

Controlling enables effective, automatic and recurrent collection of data from various systems in place, as well as from external sources. The data are reconciled, consolidated and stored in a uniform format in the central data repository. The information is presented to users in the form of transparent reports and analyses.

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Personal controlling
Personal controlling

Personal controlling comprehensively supports HR departments in planning, as well as in improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the personnel’s work. It provides reliable and verified information. Thanks to the module, the HR Department has access to data necessary to plan HR resources, to optimise their consumption and improve the effectiveness.

Sales controlling
Sales controlling

Sales controlling serves to calculate and present indicators which are crucial for the analysis of the sales area. The module makes it possible to analyse the effectiveness both of distribution channels, as well as of individual salespersons. The solution also provides information concerning the bonus system.

Production controlling
Production controlling

Production controlling enables easy and flexible building of a production model. The module calculates indicators necessary to assess the most important parameters of the production process. It also supports the identification of the strongest and the weakest links of the production process.

Marketing controlling
Marketing controlling

This solution being employed in marketing, it is possible to review the goals, strategies and effects of company activity in a detailed, systematic an objective manner. Both the market environment and the marketing operating actions are analysed. The system also provides for an ongoing access to the flow of marketing information.

Selected module functions

  • access to information on employees, their effectiveness, the completion stage of the company goals
  • analysis of why deviations arise
  • controlling the deviations vs. the predefined parameters
  • multi-dimensional analysis of sales data
  • ratio analysis
  • budgeting, making sales plans and controlling the performance
  • sales planning and forecasting
  • determining the completion stage of plans on an ongoing basis
  • identifying profitable and non-profitable products
  • feeding calculation results to the reporting system
  • examining the repetitive character of the results
  • a valid calculation of predefined indicators
  • studying the effects of strategic decisions
  • gaining information on the results of actions versus the costs incurred
  • improving information flow
  • processing and aggregating complex and dispersed data
  • integration with other systems of the organization

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