Sales platform

The sales platform makes it possible to manage the entire process of product sales with the help of one platform adapted to your organisation’s individual needs. The solution provides a vast array of methods to adjust sales requests to the changing market trends. In this way the products offered will be attractive to clients via various communication channels. The platform also provides processes dedicated to automatically operating the requests placed.

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Requesting financial products
Requesting financial products

The sales platform provides a vast array of interactive requests for financial products and operational requests. The requests have been prepared in line with the latest UI/UX trends and with the use of modern technologies including the scope of client verification. While configuring a request, it is possible to assign channels in which it will be used, as well as the systems with which it will integrate. An active request will be continuously monitored so as to detect and eliminate the processes’ bottlenecks.

The system enables requesting in what concerns the following:

  • retail / corporate client on-boarding
  • account opening
  • deposit opening
  • umbrella limit
  • overdraft
  • cash bank loan (with consolidation)
  • instalment loan
  • insurance
  • update of client data
  • limits change
  • non-cash operations


The platform provides quality servicing, whichever channel the client will choose or whatever device is used. The system gives the client an option to change the channel while the request is being processed. The data fed in the previous session will be accessible after you revert to request processing on any other device or any other channel.

Sales requests may be placed in various contact channels, e.g.:

  • electronic banking
  • mobile banking
  • call centre
  • with the assistance of a mobile advisor
  • with the assistance of a branch account manager

Continuous request monitoring
Continuous request monitoring

The platform registers any request statistics, as well as data concerning interactions on the form’s pages and fields. The platform will show you in the case of which requests (or sections) it takes the longest to complete and which fields cause validation errors to appear the most often. In this way, it will be possible to effectively correct the requests implemented and to optimally design them in the future.

Integration with the organisation’s systems
Integration with the organisation's systems

The sales platform may be easily integrated with back office and front-end systems. In this way it is possible to dynamically adapt a request’s contents depending on product parameters, the promotional actions launched or cross-selling.

The sales platform is most often integrated with:

  • the central/main system
  • suppliers’ external databases
  • authentication transfers (BlueMedia or Elixir)
  • tools for biometric client identification
  • readout of client data from a document (OCR application)
  • system authenticating requests with the use of a text message (OTP)

Creating positive client experience
Creating positive client experience

The module supports creating positive client experience with your organisation (client journey). Thus, the clients are given access to a personalised system tuned to their preferences and are offered products tailored to their needs.

The following are the options the system offers:

  • sending any photo and using it as a personalised background of a credit/debit card
  • reverting to the request at any moment
  • designing a request approximating the client’s conversation with the advisor/account manager
  • expanding interaction with clients by offering them on-line audio and video communication

Selected module functions

  • detecting the user’s abandoning a request
  • reacting to request abandonment with the use of a heartbeat mechanism
  • presenting data concerning user behaviour on requests/operations with the use of heatmap
  • designing new requests
  • creating a sales process for a selected product
  • cross-selling
  • up-selling
  • integrations with external tools/systems

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