Sales of bank products

Sales of bank products

Do you want to reach a higher sales volume of products while reducing costs and risk?

Are you launching a new product and wondering what tools to use to attract clients?

Are you planning to start cooperation with intermediaries to sell your products?

The solutions we offer will support you at every stage of sales activities at the bank. As regards pre-sales and leads generation, Ferryt CRM module will provide you with a wealth of options. Ferryt is also a set of ready-made sales processes for credit and insurance products.

Our solutions provide effective and ergonomic methods of handling sales activities by employees, associates, intermediaries and as regards self-service and direct sales. For each of the channels and the manner of conducting sales Ferryt provides a tailor-made user interface or a dedicated front-end.

Ancillary modules

Learn about the functional scope of modules supporting bank sales activities:

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