Do you want to introduce omnichannelling?

Is it important for you to effectively manage customer self-service and related processes?

Do you want to optimize cooperation with intermediaries, client servicing at a banking establishment and via contact centre?

While implementing Ferryt platform-based solutions, you will increase the number of client interaction channels and will meet clients’ individual needs as they contact the bank.

Our solutions provide effective and ergonomic methods of servicing clients by employees, associates, intermediaries and as regards self-service and direct sales. For each channel, a user interface or a dedicated and tailor-made front-end will be provided by Ferryt.

No matter how the client commenced purchasing a product or processing a transaction, this process can be continued in another servicing channel (e.g. start in e-banking, follow-up at an establishment).

Ancillary modules

Learn about the functional scope of the modules supporting omnichannelling:

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