Loan management

Do you want to automate bank loan handling processes?

Is it important for you to have reliable information on the requesting client so as to assess the risk and the request?

Use Ferryt modules which make it possible to manage the bank credit area comprehensively.

You will automate the processes related to sales and to the origination of a variety of bank loans. At the time of requesting, the system will collect necessary data on the client and the credit product processed. Information on requesters and loan security derived from internal systems and external institutions will be verified. DTI, scoring or rating will be determined after the verification.

Depending on the automation level defined, the decision engine will automatically make decisions on the request or will pass it on to be examined by credit analysts. On completing the loan origination process, the loan will be monitored and it will be possible to perform operations on a “living” loan.

Ancillary modules

Learn about the functional scope of the modules operating loan management:

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