Ferryt Seizure Management

Ferryt Seizure Management [SM] fully automates operating seizures by, e.g. debt collector, Social Security or the Tax Office. The system corresponds to the valid regulations related to digitalisation of seizures.

The module operates the electronic communication of seizures among all the actors of proceedings. Its implementation significantly accelerates the execution of actions, plugs the leaks of funds, minimises the number of errors and supports the fulfilment of statutory obligations.

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Comprehensive handling of seizures
Comprehensive handling of seizures

The system operates comprehensively all the seizure-related activities pursuant to the applicable provisions.

The processes concerned include:

  • processing an incoming seizure in enforcement
  • updating seizure status
  • cancelling the seizure
  • replying to an enforcement authority on the information representing bank secrecy
  • seizure enforcement
  • enforcement suspension/resumption
  • handling concurrent enforcement proceedings
  • handling orders of enforcement authorities on taking over/referring enforcement
  • handling client instructions
  • handling orders of enforcement authorities on exempting funds from seizure
  • handling orders of enforcement authorities to provide explanations to the proceeding under way
  • process of printing out any official letter
  • cancelling process
  • process of entering external repayment

Integration and communication
Integration and communication

The module makes it possible to integrate and communicate with all the entities and systems participating in enforcement proceedings:

  • KIR Ognivo
  • enforcement authorities
  • court enforcement officers
  • tax authorities
  • enforcement authorities
  • administrative authorities

Selected module functions

  • communication with KIR Ognivo – simple queries, detailed queries
  • letter registration or update
  • debtor verification
  • handling the amount exempt from seizure
  • selection of accounts for enforcement

  • payment of funds under seizure
  • managing concurrent enforcements
  • client’s instructions concerning repayment of funds under attachment
  • filing the attachments

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