Ferryt Market

Ferryt Market is a multi-channel sales platform to provide for effective sales and efficient development of banking products. Thanks to the solution based on electronic channels, the bank may, in a comprehensive and attractive manner, present its products to clients and to finalize the product sales.

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Access to information on the products
Access to information on the products

Ferryt Market makes it possible to present a product offering on-line, in an attractive visual form. Thus, the clients may easily learn about the present product offering at their convenience.

The clients have at their disposal some tools to compare quotes for a variety of loans, deposits or insurance based on criteria selected. This functionality makes it possible for the clients to choose a product to meet all of their needs.

There is also a function of on-line requesting by the clients themselves. Following placement, the request is passed on to be verified by a bank employee.

Product creator
Product creator

Thanks to an intuitive product creator, the bank employee may quickly create new products and modify the existing ones. The configurator has an option of creating personalized products corresponding to the clients’ needs and market conditions.

The products may be pooled into groups so that an attractive quote may be built for various client segments. The proposed quote is calculated with the use of an analytical tool.

Product promotion
Product promotion

Ferryt Market supports the promotion of quotes by, among others:

  • distinguishing product category, e.g. best-seller, new, promotion
  • advertising banners of a given marketing campaign
  • recommending products to a selected target group
  • a dedicated product landing page presenting product details

Selected module functions

  • preparing the visual form of the products offered
  • developing and editing products
  • adapting the products to clients’ needs
  • creating product landing pages
  • promoting selected products
  • using the platform as an on-line service in its own right
  • integration with the existing on-line services
  • to be applied in on-line and mobile banking
  • embedding the module in a GUI layer of on-line services
  • API-based integration with on-line services

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