Ferryt Loan Management

Ferryt Loan Management is a solution which comprehensively supports the process of selling loans, starting from the first interaction with clients, through client and risk assessment, decision making, to tranche disbursement. The system services both retail and corporate clients.

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Client segments concerned
Client segments concerned

The modules encompasses credit process servicing for the following client segments:

  • retail clients
  • micro-enterprises
  • SME
  • corporate entities
  • farmers
  • local government
  • other

Loan types
Loan types

Ferryt Loan Management operates a variety of loans:

  • cash bank loans
  • instalment loans
  • mortgage loans
  • credit cards
  • overdrafts
  • umbrella facilities
  • revolving loans
  • investment loans
  • other

After-sales operations
After-sales operations

Ferryt Loan Management makes it possible to operate after-sales operations, such as:

  • annexing
  • tranche disbursement
  • covenant monitoring
  • client monitoring

Selected module functions

Selected stages in loan selling process:

  • collecting client and product information in servicing channels
  • simulation
  • quote generation
  • options of promotional quotes
  • request print-out
  • generating a list of documents to be provided
  • verification against internal and external databases
  • analyses and assessments
  • scoring / rating calculation
  • credit decision
  • collecting documents
  • agreement and loan security documents generation
  • opening products in the central system
  • tranche disbursement

Other module features:

  • automation of routine activities
  • calculation of the debt amount as at a given date
  • verification of registration correctness, validations
  • printouts generation
  • track record of activities performed
  • tools enabling logic modification for business users
  • operating from mobile devices
  • quick report generation
  • automatic collecting (and saving) data from external systems

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