Ferryt Insurance

Ferryt Insurance automates sales processes and insurance handling, starting from the first interaction with client, through preparing an offering, to issuing a policy and accepting payment. The module’s functionality also encompasses after-sales activities.

The solution enables preparing an offering for various insurance products, sending it to its recipient via the right communication channel and finalizing the sales.

The system makes it possible to adjust sales and after-sales processes to the ongoing business needs.

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Handling insurance sales
Handling insurance sales

Ferryt Insurance provides for defining new and modifying the existing types of insurance in a flexible manner.

The module supports operating a variety of insurance, including:

  • motor insurance
  • property insurance
  • tourist insurance
  • third party insurance
  • agricultural insurance
  • personal accident insurance
  • life insurance

Automation of activities in insurance processes
Automation of activities in insurance processes

Ferryt Insurance automates and improves labour intensive activities in the process of selling and handling insurance. The system collects data concerning the client, products, and the object to be insured, in various interaction channels. The system also makes it possible to calculate, prepare and deliver the offering to the client, as well as to take out the policy. The module comprehensively handles the operations which follow policy take-out.

Selected module functions

  • collecting data on the client and the client’s product
  • collecting data on the object to be insured
  • checking client information in external bases
  • preparing various insurance options
  • calculating the amount of premium
  • preparing and generating an offering
  • defining insurance “extras’
  • providing (in electronic channel) an insurance request with insurance option to be chosen by the client
  • executing an insurance contract
  • issuing a policy
  • accepting payment
  • handling policy renewals
  • preparing and executing annexes
  • handling termination
  • preparing reports

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