Ferryt Debt Management

Ferryt Debt Management represents a new quality in handling soft and hard debt collection. The solution automates actions in writ-of-payment proceedings, court and enforcement proceedings.

The mechanisms implemented make it possible to conduct mass actions, communicate with clients through many channels, divide tasks, plan repayments and view the history of actions. Thanks to automation of routine activities, the costs of collection proceedings are reduced and the actions performed become more effective.

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Comprehensive handling of collection processes
Comprehensive handling of collection processes

The solution pools collection tasks into stages and automates the routine activities. In case of arrears, the system sends information to the client as per the flowchart adopted. The staff may view detailed information concerning both the client and the status of actions so far undertaken. Phone interaction with clients qualified for collection is improved by cooperation with the call centre system. The module exchanges data with organisations’ central systems and it can cooperate with KRD, court enforcement officers, EPU [accelerated writ of payment proceedings] and BIK.

Flexible configuration
Flexible configuration

Users and administrators have at their disposal a tool to create and change rules qualifying transactions, as well as to modify processes. It is possible to freely define which actions are to be performed manually or automatically. The system distributes and plans tasks defined by supervisors and it reminds the users of the task deadlines.

Handling soft collection
Handling soft collection

Ferryt Debt Management supports processes of soft collection by:

  • alerts on transactions, clients, debts
  • providing debt information
  • automation of mass actions
  • generating letters, texts and e-mails
  • controlling phone calls
  • managing a queue of phone calls to be made
  • supporting phone calls
  • handling promises of repayment and breaking down debt into instalments
  • accepting client complaints
  • temporary and permanent blocking of collection actions
  • field inspections
  • qualification for hard collection

Handling hard collection
Handling hard collection

The module operates hard collection tasks, including:

  • supporting restructuring of receivables
  • reaching a settlement and an understanding
  • agreement termination
  • payment order proceedings
  • applications to the prosecutor’s office
  • monitoring enforcement proceedings
  • access to loan security details
  • debt outsourcing

Selected module functions

  • 360° client view in the context of collection
  • information on client’s late payments as broken down into products
  • checking the account and the track record of repayments
  • readout of BIK client report
  • transmission and update of data against KRD
  • generating late payment reports based on predefined criteria
  • late payment calculator
  • configuration of various scenarios for predefined collection portfolios
  • registering all client interactions
  • entering follow-up comments to actions
  • recording incurred collection costs
  • filing collection processes

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