Ferryt CRM

Ferryt CRM encompasses the area of managing client relations and prospects and is dedicated to the financial industry. The module structures ongoing cooperation with clients (operational CRM) and enables mass processing.

The system also makes it possible to analyse processes pertaining to sales and client/prospect servicing, it provides access to comprehensive information on the current and prospective client, and it also conducts promotional campaigns.

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Managing product offering
Managing product offering

Ferryt CRM provides for flexible development of new product offerings and modification of new ones. Thus, the bank is able to adapt its products to the changing market needs.

The module’s functionalities include:

  • defining offerings for a variety of products and product categories depending on market needs
  • segmentation of offerings/products
  • defining particular features for a given product category
  • comparing products

Channel management and lead acquisition methods
Channel management and lead acquisition methods

The module makes it possible to acquire prospects by various methods and from various sources, including:

  • landing page
  • call centre
  • leads from the clients’ interaction with the bank
  • leads following cross-sell, up-sell analyses
  • feeding leads from acquired and processed databases

Conducting marketing / sales actions
Conducting marketing / sales actions

Ferryt CRM makes it possible to conduct marketing/sales actions in line with the established process and the scope of actions approved. The campaign’s recipients are selected in accordance with the pre-defined segmentation and algorithms that can be configured and which estimate the chances of successful sales. During the campaign, the effectiveness of actions in individual communication channels is analysed on an ongoing basis. The analysis enables properly adjusting the campaign as soon as necessary. Individual campaigns may be conducted on a continuous basis, temporarily or they arise from specific events.

Managing databases and the activities of clients/prospects
Managing databases and the activities of clients/prospects

Selected operations connected with client servicing:

  • 360° client view
  • viewing the client’s profile
  • registering and storing client data
  • dividing clients into segments
  • recording interactions with clients
  • collecting data on a client’s products
  • checking the portfolio of clients of a given employee
  • collecting information on prospective clients
  • creating a profile of a prospective client

Sales structure management
Sales structure management

With the use of an intuitive tool, it is possible to easily define the bank’s sales organisational structure. This activity determines the roles of employees in the sales process along with assigning routine tasks and duties.

Analyses and reporting
Analyses and reporting

Ferryt CRM provides options which include creating:

  • sales reports and forecasts based on the ongoing activities
  • dedicated analyst reports
  • pre-defined reports corresponding to the organisation’s needs
  • analyses following sales campaigns/actions
  • sales analyses with respect to
    • products
    • regions
    • employees

Commission settlement
Commission settlement

The module makes it possible to settle commission based on various sales parameters and the criteria adopted, including:

  • the product
  • sales volume
  • seller’s position in the organisational structure
  • historical data related to sales
  • sales performance versus the plan

Selected module functions

Business configuration of the system

  • configuring sales processes with an option to adjust them to the current needs
  • adaptation of the existing processes of sales and client/prospect servicing
  • “set-up” and conducting marketing campaigns
  • generating leads based on the data from external sources
  • managing the campaign’s input base
  • up-selling
  • cross-selling


  • employee actions’ dashboard
  • task assignment:
    • automatic
    • as a result of a mass action
    • by a supervisor or an employee
  • registration of tasks and activities
  • deadline monitoring
  • tracking the manner of performing tasks by the staff at different stages of the process
  • monitoring advisers/account managers’ work
  • designating replacements

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