Ferryt Credit Monitoring

Ferryt Credit Monitoring will assist you in the post-sales monitoring of clients and their credit products, thus minimizing loss risk. It may also serve to inform clients of their obligations under loan agreements.

Ferryt Credit Monitoring enables regular controls of the clients, assessment of their loans and loan securities, ongoing covenant monitoring. It also makes it possible to assess enterprises’ financial standing on a periodic basis.

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Monitoring areas
Monitoring areas

  • meeting credit covenants
  • clients’ financial standing
  • clients and their credit products
  • loan security
  • principal and interest repayment

Selected module functions

Basic functions

  • assessment of loans and security
  • periodic assessment of enterprises’ financial standing
  • generating events and warning signals
  • generating automatic and manual tasks
  • operational and managerial reporting
  • post-sales activities

Additional functions

  • ongoing review of agreement covenants
  • verification whether covenants are met timely
  • recurring actions
  • setting an automatic payment reminder for clients
  • planning user tasks
  • automatic generation of notices, correspondence and documents
  • distributing information to establishments, loan administration departments, loan workout and collection departments, credit risk departments and contact centre

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