Ferryt Complaints

Ferryt Complaints makes it possible to comprehensively handle all types of submissions from the client: complaints, queries, instructions, transaction orders. All the actions are performed in one system and through multiple communication channels.

Thanks to automation and control over task performance, the process of handling client communication may follow SLA in place and statutory requirements governing the maximum complaint handling time.

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Handling a variety of complaint types
Handling a variety of complaint types

Complaint submissions may concern the following areas

  • products
  • settlements
  • procedures
  • operations of systems
  • safety
  • failures
  • client opinion or suggestion

Automation of complaints handling
Automation of complaints handling

The system enables registering and analysing complaints while ensuring a high degree of automation. Mechanisms of assigning staff to the process of handling complaints depending on a variety of decision criteria have been applied. The system makes it possible to create templates and generate documents based on the data derived from processes. The solution cooperates with accounting systems and back office. It also automates posting transactions to accounts.

Supporting complaint decisions
Supporting complaint decisions

Process automation is based on a decision engine which creates a complaints ranking. The engine makes it possible to manage processing paths, discretionary powers of the employees and to divide submissions into categories. Decision trees and scoring cards provide for queuing tasks for employees. Thanks to the tools applied in the solution it is possible to shorten the complaint handling time.


The module provides for lodging complaints via a variety of communication channels:

  • electronic: on-line requests, e-banking
  • call centre, chat
  • in writing
  • in person – at an establishment

Selected module functions

  • registration of complaint submissions from clients
  • automatic assignment of staff to complaint handling
  • assigning tasks based on a variety of factors:
    discretionary powers, deadlines, complaint ranking
  • with “routine” complaints – possible to finalise a complaint at the stage of submission
  • using decision trees and scoring cards to queue tasks
  • ranking complaints
  • analysis of clients’ submitted complaints

  • generating operating and analytical reports to analyse orders and processes
  • filing operational documents
  • integration with the bank’s systems
  • collecting data on the client and the client’s products
  • posting transactions to accounts in the bank’s system
  • cooperation with user rights management systems
  • cooperation with front-end, client notification and back office systems

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