Ferryt Collateral Credit

Ferryt Collateral Credit is meant for recording and managing various types of loan collateral. It automates the entire life of collateral, from the moment it is reported, through verification, acceptance, establishment and enforcement. Its key functions include handling valuations and loan security monitoring. While providing a view of the current status of the collateral in place, the solution improve the safety of loan servicing.

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Loan security management
Loan security management

Ferryt Collateral Credit stores detailed information on the features of loan security and the related elements. Data concerning valuations, encumbrances, transactions, inspections, recovery. Users have an option to add, review, modify and remove loan security.

The system separates the object of security from the very loan security. As a result, it is possible to relate one loan to a number of transactions.

Ferryt Collateral Credit verifies the correctness of the data entered and provides a complete audit trail. It is open to communicate with other systems through dedicated interfaces.

Types of loan security concerned
Types of loan security concerned

  • ordinary and joint mortgage
  • security deposit
  • promissory note
  • guarantees
  • suretyships
  • assignment of receivables
  • loan insurance
  • pledges, liens
  • treasury bills blocking
  • investment account blocking
  • funds blocking
  • transfer of ownership for security
  • temporary
  • non-standard

Loan security monitoring
Loan security monitoring

This module performs automatic loan security monitoring in line with the periods determined in the rules. Monitoring actions may be adapted to users’ individual needs based on rules that can be configured. Material information concerning loan security may be provided to external systems as various signals.

Selected module functions

  • communication with AMRON
  • makes it possible to cooperate with valuers
  • LTV calculation and operating
  • revaluation of loan security value
  • portfolio revaluation
  • advanced loan security search engine
  • communication with the request system

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