Ferryt Bank FrontEnd

Do you want to use a modern user interface to handle all the banking processes, operations and transactions at a branch, an establishment or call centre?

Do you intend to start processes/transactions which enable omnichannelling?

Choose Ferryt Bank FrontEnd to help you attain that goal.

The Bank FrontEnd is a system which makes it possible to perform many business tasks at the same time, the tasks coming from various bank systems and stored on one ergonomic desktop. The module features a ready-made configuration of bank processes and operations which can be quickly implemented.    

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Purpose of the application
Purpose of the application

Bank FrontEnd provides modules to execute bank processes and operations from various areas of the banking business, and it ensures:

  • unification of systems user’s interface
  • no need for switching between systems
  • higher work quality of account managers and agents
  • an option to offer new products during the ongoing service
  • using various channels to communicate with the client
  • reducing costs and operational risk

System users are the employees of branches and other establishments, account managers, call centre staff and bank employees interacting with clients.

Business areas
Business areas

The Bank FrontEnd consists of sub-modules and it handles processes, operations and transactions from the following areas:

  • 360º client view
  • “client” operations
  • offering for the client
  • account operations
  • non-cash operations
  • deposit management
  • card management
  • loan-related operations
  • cash desk operations
  • consents and declarations
  • insurance management

Selected module functions

  • user interface in line with the latest UI/UX trends
  • available via a web browser
  • screen layout depends on user type
  • the module’s operational functions:
    • task/case lists
    • calendar
    • reminders and alerts
    • analyses and reports
    • a flexible browser that can be configured
  • a complex module for managing rights
  • contains an internal middleware module
  • multi-channel processing possible
  • defining personal rights possible
  • may be launched from various operating systems

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