Client servicing

Choose processes to improve the speed and automation of client servicing activities. The module will enable comprehensive operating of post-sales processes and instructions. The system will eliminate errors connected with manual activities and operations.

See for yourself how quickly you can provide services to your clients while reducing costs and operational risk, and building a good image of the bank.

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After-sales service
After-sales service

The module makes it possible to provide complete after-sales servicing to clients based on multi-channelling. Processes automating routine activities support the bank staff as clients’ requests are handled. The processes also help to support selling additional products actively. The control mechanisms in place eliminate operating errors and the decision engine shortens the examination time.

Processes that come with the module include:

  • handling complaints
  • modifying the client’s product portfolio
  • handling client’s instructions
  • cross-selling, up-selling

Handling instructions
Handling instructions

The system makes it possible to quickly and flexibly modify the client’s products as requested by the client. The instruction sent is automatically transmitted to a person in charge of the respective area. Client’s instruction may concern the following:

  • change of client data
  • loan repayment
  • picking the account for repayment
  • change in credit limit
  • card stopping
  • card data modification

The instruction along with the service track record is stored in the history of interactions with the bank, so that it is possible to audit the process.

Selected module functions

  • handling a complaint process
  • extending the tenor
  • suspending repayments
  • loan consolidation
  • issuing repayment confirmation
  • deposit consolidation
  • selling a cash bank loan
  • selling loan insurance

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