Transforming paper into digital image

Make a digital transformation of your company using the Ferryt platform.

Reduce the number of paper documents processed in your organization and turn them into digital copies.

Irrespective of whether the source document is in paper or electronic form, process it in digital form only, reducing the costs and increasing the potential of your company.

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Added value

  • digital documents are stored in one place
  • access to documents in e-archive at any stage of a business process and through different channels
  • possibility to scan documents outside of the office, also on mobile devices
  • managing access rights to documents offers full control over using them
  • history of actions and persons related to a document is available
  • unique nature and safety of documents in an organization thanks to identification and cataloguing based on barcodes or qr codes
  • fully auditable process of document digitalization and storage
  • more effective document circulation and work efficiency in your organization

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