Trainings and certifications

We offer open trainings and certifications related to the use of Ferryt and InForum.

We also run dedicated trainings adapted to participants’ individual needs.

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Ferryt platform trainings
Ferryt platform trainings

We offer a comprehensive scope of trainings in developing business solutions and using the Ferryt platform.

We hold multilevel trainings e.g. in:

  • user interface design
  • data model management
  • configuring roles and rights
  • business process modelling
  • integrating platform with other systems
  • managing an electronic repository of documents
  • supporting printouts and other outputs
  • configuring OCR templates
  • system technical and maintenance management

InForum BI training
InForum BI training

We hold multilevel trainings e.g. in:

  • creating presentation layers
  • implementing business logic layers
  • data migration and integration with other systems
  • administration of data warehouses
  • container construction
  • technical administration of systems


Depending on the level of training completed, a participant’s progress and a product area, we award certificates on the following levels:

  • System Administrator
  • Technical Consultant
  • Senior Technical Consultant
  • Business Consultant
  • Senior Business Consultant

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