Ferryt in the Cloud

Would you like to be able to use Ferryt but have problems with one-time large investments? Do you experience “bottlenecks” in your internal IT resources, which prevents you from a quick start in using Ferryt? Do you want to migrate from Ferryt 1.0 to Ferryt 2.0 without having to buy new infrastructure?

If you are planning to turn into an enterprise with full access to the low-code tools offered by the Ferryt Platform, in a short time, the model of using our Cloud solution is an ideal option for you.

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Benefits of using Ferryt in the Cloud

  • the ability to quickly start using the Ferryt Platform
  • no need for a considerable one-time investment in: physical infrastructure; base licenses (operating system, database, etc.); Ferryt Platform licenses
  • the possibility to run the investment “in stages” or to suspend it more easily when the subscription model is used
  • no need for internal IT resources to be burdened with preparing and configuring environments
  • IT involvement in system maintenance and monitoring issues is reduced
  • flexibility in scaling and computing power requirements
  • reduced risk of unavailability at the level of infrastructure and systems
  • more secure access to systems and data

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