Mobile platform

Do you run an enterprise which requires mobility from your employees?

Do you need a tool whose operations you can manage using a mobile device?

The solution we offer supports the work of sales agents, mobile field employees, technical services and also makes it possible to read out field devices. Native possibilities of smartphones or tablets are used in applications (e.g. camera or map).

The offer is not limited to ready-made systems only. Our experience and technical competence make it possible for us to develop dedicated systems for an organization.

Sample applications

  • mobile seller
  • service report
  • utility meter readout and settlement
  • mobile field visit
  • mobile stock taking
  • mobile resource management

Mobile seller

The system makes it possible for sales representatives working outside of the company’s office to run sales using a tablet or a smartphone. The seller has access to data and processes necessary for the sales and current customer service.

Using the proposed solution, a mobile seller can, when meeting a customer, e.g.:

  • present a product offer
  • create comparative simulations
  • file applications
  • generate contracts
  • generate documents to be signed
  • send documents to e-mail addresses

The sales person has access to:

  • parameters of selected products
  • special conditions and promotions
  • documents, procedures and conditions of contracts
  • sales processes
  • up-to-date data of customers
  • summary of sales results
  • statements of commission levels

Mobile field visit

Our solution makes it possible for our mobile employees working outside of the company’s office to run works and save / verify data related to facilities. Using mobile devices, employees have access to selected data and information placed on the server.

Samples uses:

  • verification of a facility that is a loan security
  • assessment and creation of description of the insurance object
  • checking a facility being subject to loss indemnification procedure
  • actions on the facility in debt collection procedures

Platform possibilities:

  • locating facilities on a map
  • taking photos of facilities and saving them in an application
  • describing a facility
  • downloading an electronic signature under a report

Service request

The solution we create will facilitate work for persons responsible for service and maintenance. A person responsible for maintenance and service can run their maintenance works using a dedicated platform.

It will make it possible for them to:

  • assign a request to employee’s device
  • notify of a new task
  • make a list of assigned maintenance tasks along with their detailed description
  • complete the request
  • enter parameters
  • access information on the processing status and estimated time to handle the request
  • send complete information on the request to the database upon completion

Mobile stock taking

Our mobile application enables your employees to run stock taking. Thanks to a dedicated solution your employees will verify the funds owned by the organization more efficiently.

The following are found among system functions and possibilities:

  • fixed assets verification
  • access to a list of fixed assets
  • taking photos of fixed assets and saving them in an application
  • entering a description and location of a fixed asset
  • operations related to stock taking
  • transferring data to the main system (ERP or Asset Management)

Meter readouts and utility settlement

Your team can use the mobile application to read utility meters and settle them. Once the readout is performed, an employee can generate an invoice and print the settlement

The mobile application will make it possible to:

  • run meter readouts (including remote readouts)
  • generate invoices
  • print settlements

Mobile resource management

Our mobile solution will facilitate resource management for your employees. It supports the department related to maintenance, people working in the field and warehouse employees. Matching your organization needs will speed up its operation and help manage information in digital space.

Platform possibilities:


  • Maintenance:
    • support of maintenance orders
    • planning inspections and maintenance
    • repair costs settlement
  • recording worktime of a field worker
  • displaying current tasks (list of tasks, performance status)
  • information on warehouse status (acceptance, release, stock taking)
  • diagnostics of equipment

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