Ferryt SetUp Manager

Ferryt SetUp Manager is a set of tools supporting the installation and update processes for the Ferryt Platform. These tools make it also possible to transfer performed implementations of the business logic to higher environments in a fast, controlled and error-free fashion.

The module also makes it possible to run observations and monitor the system during production whereas the conclusions based on data delivered by the monitoring and diagnostic tool make it possible to take proactive actions. This enables the system to operate continuously without interruptions.

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Environment management
Environment management

The module also offers environment management tools that allow e.g.:

  • system installation
  • implementation of the first system configuration
  • management of system parameters on a regular basis
  • installation of service packages
  • implementation of distributions and upgrades
  • transfer of packages between environments
  • insight into environment installation status

Transfer of configuration between environments
Transfer of configuration between environments

Thanks to the functionality of the Ferryt SetUp Manager module, configurations and implementations of the business logic can be easily transferred among individual system environments (dev, test, …, pprod, prod).

It is very easy to propagate changes – all you need to do it to operate a dedicated wizard. It is also possible to implement an automatic procedure of transferring changes between environments with an aid of “batch” mechanisms.

System monitoring
System monitoring

Analyses delivered by the module make it possible e.g. to:

  • run the technical monitoring of the system
  • identify incidents and exceptional events
  • identify places of low efficiency
  • analyze system bottlenecks
  • monitor interactions with external systems
  • run proactive actions related to operation and maintenance

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