Ferryt Reporting+

Do you want to run an analysis of your business processes operation?

Do you intend to transfer data from processes into useful information that would allow you to take responsible business decisions?

Decide to implement Reporting+.

Ferryt Reporting+ is a set of ready-made analytical, operational and managerial dashboards useful for running analyses of statuses and behaviours of processes operating on the Ferryt platform. The module is furthermore equipped with tools that enable users to create their own dashboards, analyses and reports.

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Sales offer management
Sales offer management

Operating analyses pertain to the condition and status of processes and refer to the verification of tasks performed. They present the status of issues/applications/transactions. Data are presented as widgets in dashboards and are equipped with interactive charts. The module also offers extensive filtering and data “mining”.

Sample analyses:

  • the time of processing issues/tasks, applications
  • deviations from anticipated times
  • bottlenecks in processes
  • number of initiated applications/issues/documents
  • instances of processes split by types
  • letters split into months, quarters and years
  • number of user’s tasks in a given period

Managerial analyses
Managerial analyses

Managerial analyses are intended for managers. They operate on data in an aggregated form, however, they offer broad possibilities of a “drill down” operation. They go beyond data of the current situation and refer to an analysis in a broader time frame.

Sample analyses:

  • quantitative trends of cases/documents/applications
  • field-based analyses:
    • sales analyses
    • finance analyses
    • regional benchmarking
    • analysis of the “so-called” peaks in time
    • cost analyses
  • team efficiency analysis
  • efficiency benchmarking
  • analysis of bottlenecks in time frames

Selected module functions

  • data presentation in the form of dashboards and reports
  • detailed analysis possible with OLAP cube
  • data download from databases and files
  • data download by services
  • data integration
  • data conversion
  • recalculations
  • designing an analytical screen

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