Ferryt FrontEnd

Do you want to use a modern user interface which you will use to support all processes, applications, operations and transactions on the Ferryt Platform?

Do you intend to launch processes which will enable you simultaneous processing in different access channels?

Use Ferryt FrontEnd which will make it possible for you to achieve this goal. Ferryt FrontEnd is a layer of the Ferryt Platform user interface that enables many business tasks to be processed in parallel on one ergonomic desktop and/or a mobile device screen.

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Application objective
Application objective

The module makes different user interfaces available to perform business operations based on the Ferryt Platform and ensures access to:

  • process steps, operations, transactions
  • web/mobile applications
  • data and process actions
  • processed documents
  • history of activities
  • analyses and reports

System users are internal employees, account managers, external partners, customers, mobile workers, management employees and others

FrontEnd Portal
FrontEnd Portal

It is available for users through a web browser and is used most frequently by:

  • internal employees
  • account managers
  • external partners
  • contact center

Individual sections of the screen have the form of widgets and the layout as such is in conformity with the most recent trends in UI/UX. The portal layout depends on the type of user and offers broad possibilities of presentation.

FrontEnd Mobile
FrontEnd Mobile

It is an equivalent of a portal for mobile devices and is available from different system platforms (iOS, Android, Windows). Data presentation is adjusted to mobile devices and in conformity with the latest trends in UI/UX.

Processing mostly takes place with wizards. It is used by:

  • customers
  • consultants
  • external partners
  • field workers
  • technical services
  • management

Selected module functions

  • possibility of multi-channel processing
  • advanced application support module
  • RWD support
  • possibility to define personal settings
  • launched from different operating systems Windows, Unix, Android, iOS
  • case task lists
  • calendar
  • reminders and alerts
  • analyses and reports
  • flexible and configurable search engine

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