Ferryt Flow

Ferryt Flow makes it possible to develop and implement a business process service using a high performance workflow engine.

The module is used for modelling and managing business processes in your organization and makes it possible to design, model, simulate and start processes in real time.

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Process analysis
Process analysis

Process development stage begins with creative work. Thanks to Ferryt Flow analytical tools, the stages of business analysis and design of processes can be managed as part of the Ferryt solution package.

The effects of analysis (e.g. a process business model) can be used at the process implementation stage.

Process implementation without coding
Process implementation without coding

Ferryt Flow is a module that makes it possible to develop process applications without coding. As a result you can model the business logic faster, easier and with higher quality, using BPMN 2.0 notation.

Ferryt will offer you comprehensive support when implementing:

  • process data models
  • non-process data models
  • process workflow
  • business process logic
  • business rules
  • integrations and interfaces

You can launch the modelled process using Ferryt workflow engine.

Simulation of action
Simulation of action

Processes that have been developed can be verified in real conditions even before they are launched in production environments. This is aimed at making sure that changes that are implemented will operate in accordance with the initial assumptions behind them.


Business processes can be implemented by transferring them between environments without having to stop the application and without having to preserve the release mode.

This offers the possibility to implement changes to your business solutions without time limits and even in daily mode. You thus become more flexible and your “time to market” is reduced significantly.

Selected module functions

  • modelling process diagrams
  • definition of process steps, tasks and actions
  • subprocess modelling
  • process/subprocess versioning
  • data model definition
  • validation configuration
  • process logic configuration
  • connecting online interfaces
  • connecting external databases
  • synchronous and asynchronous calls
  • support of time orders
  • use of screens from the Ferryt Front-End module
  • generating documents through Ferryt Output
  • a wide range of process controls
  • operations on files

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