Ferryt e-Archive

Do you want to turn your company in an organization based on document digitalization and digital service?

Use a package of solutions based on the Ferryt Platform to help you achieve this goal.

Ferryt e-Archive is a highly efficient electronic repository with document management processes. It supports digitalization, OCR, registration, circulation, storage and archiving of documents. It is equipped with a search engine and a document browser.

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Central repository of documents
Central repository of documents

Thanks to e-Archive, all documents in an organization will be found centrally in one place and access to them will be restricted with rights. Every document will be provided with metrics and, additionally, barcodes.

Recording documents in e-Archive
Recording documents in e-Archive

Once you have implemented the module, you can effectively register and process incoming and outgoing documents in your organization. You will enhance the categorization of documents and putting them in circulation in your company.

OCR support
OCR support

Ferryt e-Archive contains a module for automatic reading of data from documents. It is equipped with an advanced OCR engine which isolates and classifies data from documents. The solution operates on the basis of natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Document management processes
Document management processes

Documents can be entered in e-Archive by acceptance and data description by different users (e.g. registration and cost invoice circulation).

Access to e-Archive
Access to e-Archive

Access to e-Archive is limited by rights. Users can have access to selected types of documents saved in the e-Archive structure. The system offers a flexible search engine and a document browser which make document exploring very simple. Access to the module is also possible through an extended API.

Selected module functions

  • document scanning and digitalization
  • support of bar codes
  • OCR – recognition of document content from an image
  • searching for documents in e-Archive
  • access to document images
  • management of document metrics and structure
  • access limited by rights
  • document versioning and retention
  • history of actions performed on a document
  • physical location management
  • possibility o run a compliance audit
  • a broad API for the module enabling integration with external documents

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