Ferryt DataSpace

Ferryt DataSpace will enable you to manage data collections without having to store data in processes. The module is used to design data structures and to configure their use patterns. Ferryt DataSpace also makes visual controls available which enable data managed in “out-of-process” tables to be edited.

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Sets of “out-of-process” data
Sets of “out-of-process” data

In many cases, there is a need to create a repository of data which will be used by different process modules. Examples of such repositories include: the company’s organizational structure, persons and their data, customer database, prospect database, product catalogues.

It is easy to create such structures using DataSpace; they can be accessed from the process level thanks to Ferryt business controls

Advanced management of parameters
Advanced management of parameters

DataSpace is also a module in which you can manage parameters used by processes. Parameters are managed in a centralized fashion using change history mechanisms.

Sample parameters:

  • rates, commissions
  • interest rates
  • product parameters
  • acceptance schemes

The parameters can be synchronized with data from other applications.

Extract of data from processes for other applications
Extract of data from processes for other applications

An easily available portion of data (“raw” or processed) from processes can also be stored in DataSpace tables; it can later on be used by other processes or external applications without the need to search for these data in process tables.

Samples uses:

  • data of contracts concluded for the purposes of annexing
  • sales data from processes for the purposes of generating reports
  • extract of data from processes for export to warehouse

Selected module functions

  • defining the structures of “out-of-process” data
  • parametrizing rights to tables/data
  • dedicated business controls for saving/editing data
  • controls for presentation of data from tables/records
  • automatic generation of screens for specified tables
  • an engine for searching for data according to specified parameters
  • possibility to historize changes to selected tables
  • mechanisms of data export to popular formats

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