Ferryt Decision Engine

Ferryt Decision Engine is a high performance tool equipped with a decision engine to model and perform all sorts of calculations.

It makes it possible to define complex, parametrized models and to analyse the results of actions using analytical tools.

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Scoring/rating engine
Scoring/rating engine

The module comprises the support of different types of calculations in terms of scoring and rating:

  • application and behavioural scoring
  • rating models
  • anti-fraud models
  • risk assessment and credit worthiness models
  • activation, usage and response scoring
  • cross- and up-selling
  • attrition scoring
  • recalculation rules for the purposes of credit processes

Rules of process calculations for companies
Rules of process calculations for companies

  • competence matrix
  • business trip settlements
  • leave statements
  • work time settlements
  • price calculations
  • offer generation

Input periodical calculations
Input periodical calculations

The module is also used to perform cyclical calculations which result in an input in the form of a data set:

  • pre-approved offer recalculation
  • customer limit settlements
  • customer classification
  • warning signal generation

Selected module functions

  • managing a repository of models and recalculations
  • versioning of models and recalculations
  • managing availability and rights
  • two modes of calculation logic editor:
    • basic – wizards are used
    • advanced – calculation formula language
  • connecting external data sets
  • integration with online interfaces
  • a priori testing (on test data)
  • a posteriori verification (on real data)
  • analytical module for analysing model behaviours
  • high efficiency of tool
  • online, database and file APIs available
  • model call history analysis

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