Artificial Intelligence (AI) in process applications

Operate more efficiently and take decisions using artificial intelligence models (AI) and machine learning (ML). Ferryt makes it easier to use “intelligent” models in business processes thus optimizing user actions.

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Low-code + AI = intelligent acceleration

Take advantage of ready-made tools, expertise and experience in the field of AI. Apply Ferryt!

  • build a process with low-code methods by attaching AI elements to it
  • take advantage of ready-made AI and ML controls with no need for scientific work
  •  if you want to create a dedicated model, perfectly matched to your needs, take advantage of DomData’s expertise and scientific partner network
  • Connect human, AI and low-code into one coexisting organism

Ferryt has predefined mechanisms for using AI and ML models; it also opens up the possibility of dedicated models that take into account the specific nature of customers’ operation being attached as plug-ins.

Cooperation between DomData and AMU Center for Artificial Intelligence

DomData has entered into a strategic partnership with the Center for Artificial Intelligence at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. The goal of the cooperation is to study and implement AI and ML applications in the area of banking process automation.

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