Application platform

Do you want to improve and extend interactions with your customers or acquire new ones? Do you have many ideas but you don’t know how to implement them? Use the Ferryt application platform to unlock and streamline your web/mobile channel of interaction with customers.

Ferryt will allow you to create and implement web/mobile applications quickly and without the need to use IP competence. Such applications will make your communication with customers more modern, faster and using exceptional UI/UX experiences.

Customer self-service via the Internet

Individual customers and business entities expect that most cases to be “handled” with the bank can be realized automatically using web/mobile channels.

They expect that applications and other IT tools made available by the bank be simple and intuitive enough to make this self-service possible without the need for extra communication with bank consultants. You will achieve this objective through Ferryt applications!

Creating applications without coding

It is easy to create and modify applications with Ferryt. You do not need to be a programmer in order to create such an application yourself and implement it at production. Ferryt offers a wide range of visual controls which, if placed on the screen by dragging and dropping, will offer you the possibility to check how the application functions immediately.