Analytical platforms

Do you have many data sources in different systems and would you like to see them as one set of information? Do you intend to transform data into useful information that would allow you to take responsible business decisions? Decide to implement DomData analytical platform based on BI InForum tools.

An analytical platform is a set of tools comprising collection, integration, analysis and presentation of data available. The nature of these actions is the transfer of data into usable information and their visualisation in the form of reports, dashboards and analytical cubes.

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Data collection
Data collection

Data found in various places in your organization can be easily combined in one repository in which you operate as if it were one set of information. The Platform offers the possibility of collecting data from files, databases and also through online interfaces. Data can also be downloaded cyclically.

Data conversion
Data conversion

Data can be recalculated, transformed, aggregated, grouped, … so that their output form can be easily and efficiently represented in reports and dashboards. You don’t need to code data transformation operations – you can model them using drag&drop tools and formula language.

Data presentation
Data presentation

Do not be limited by the output form of data presentation. As part of an analytical platform you can use a set of tools and controls which you can use to create nearly any dashboard, report or cube. Furthermore, specialist edition/navigation tools are available for specific types of applications (e.g. for planning and budgeting).

Cyclical services
Cyclical services

Actions that are to be performed cyclically can be planned and the system will perform them on its own within a specific time and the sequence you define. These actions comprise e.g.:

  • sending current reports by e-mail
  • updating data from external sources
  • making data conversions/calculations
  • generating and saving current dashboards,
  • etc.

Samples uses

  • managing operating effectiveness
  • monitoring of processing times
  • monitoring of activity performance times
  • managerial reporting
  • managerial reporting
  • sales controlling
  • planning and budgeting
  • OLAP analyses
  • sales and marketing management
  • controlling KPIs in an organization

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