Ferryt BPM

Ferryt BPM is a platform for comprehensive management of business processes in the organization. Ferryt allows you to analyze, design, model, simulate and run processes in real time. During the operation of the system it is possible to monitor the operation of processes and make measurements, as well as their continuous optimization based on information collected in the system.

See description of Ferryt tool modules


The stage of process creation begins with creative work. With Ferryt analytical tools, you can manage the business analysis and design stages within the Ferryt solution package.

The effects of the analysis work (e.g. business model of processes) can be used at the stage of modeling / implementation.


Ferryt is a low-code platform system that allows you to create applications without coding (see Ferryt low-code platform modules). This allows you to model the business logic of your processes faster, more simply and in higher quality using BPMN 2.0 notation.

Ferryt will give you extensive support in the implementation:

  • data model
  • screen/ layouts
  • processes / application skeleton
  • business rules
  • integrations and interfaces
  • printouts / e-mail / SMS
  • cockpits / dashboards / reports


The processes that have been created can be verified in real life conditions even before they are launched in production environments. This is to make sure that the changes that are made will work according to their original assumptions. In this task you will be supported by a package of solutions with the help of which you will simulate the operation of business processes in conditions similar to real life and on data/scenarios that will occur during production operation.


You can implement your process logic by moving it between environments without having to stop the application and without having to keep the releasing mod

This gives you the ability to implement changes in your business solutions without any time limits or even on a daily basis. This makes you more flexible and your “time to market” is significantly reduced.


After the implementation of your business application based on Ferryt, you have the possibility of its continuous and precise observation in many areas of operation. Thanks to the monitoring tools Ferryt allows you, among other things:

Quantitative analyses of performed processes / operations
Analysis of bottlenecks
Verification of the processing times for each stage
Verification of assembly overload
Observation of ergonomics of designed screens


Having the information obtained from Monitoring, you are able to determine whether the business assumptions for the processes you defined at the analysis stage are fulfilled.

Seeing which places in your processes need to be improved, you can quickly model and implement them. All this is done so that business owners and system users are satisfied with the work you have done.

You can keep your process participants informed about the impact of your changes on the organization.

See description of Ferryt tool modules

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