Ferryt Output

Do you want the information going out of your company in the form of documents, e-mail and MMS/SMS to have standardized form?

Do you intend to manage outgoing templates of documents and other information?

Decide to implement a Ferryt Output module.

The module makes it possible to configure templates of documents, e-mails and MMS/SMS and to manage the process of generating document contents.

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Generating documents
Generating documents

Ferryt Output is used to automatically produce the contents of documents based on the templates created (templates feature fixed content and flexible content). Documents can be saved to different file types, including PDF. Documents are generated automatically (if a given event occurs) or at the user’s request.

Data for the contents of documents produced can come from the Ferryt Platform or can also be delivered from external systems. The module also supports bulk processes of generating documents and serial correspondence.

Generating e-mails and MMS/SMS
Generating e-mails and MMS/SMS

Ferryt Output also serves generating contents of e-mails and MMS/SMS on the basis of templates created. The generated contents have standardized form in conformity with the defined “corporate identity” of the company.

Template management
Template management

The module is equipped with an advanced WYSIWYG editor to manage templates of documents, e-mails and MMS/SMS. The editor is intuitive to operate and navigation is similar to that in MS Word. Templates have fixed contents and variable contents. Modification of templates is very simple and makes it possible to introduce and implement changes.

The editor offers a function to preview the contents of document filled out with test data.

Integration with systems
Integration with systems

The module has an extended API with an aid of which it is possible to integrate with other systems. Data to be generated can be delivered individually (one online call per document) or in bulk for the purposes of automatic generation of documents in bulk to a specified drive location.

Selected elements subject to configuration of document templates:

  • page layout and style
  • header and footer
  • fixed and variable content
  • fonts and formatting
  • optional sections
  • conditions and calculations
  • tables with dimensions
  • logo and other graphics
  • barcode
  • footnotes and indices
  • embedded auto-numbering
  • graphic shapes
  • current values (e.g. current date)

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