Ferryt e-Application

Ferryt e-Application will allow you to create and implement web/mobile applications quickly and without the need to use IP competence. Such applications will make your communication with customers more modern, faster and using exceptional UI/UX experiences.

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Creating applications without coding
Creating applications without coding

Creating and modifying applications using Ferryt e-Application is easy. You do not need to be a programmer in order to create such an application yourself and implement it at production. Ferryt offers a wide range of visual controls which, if placed on the screen by dragging and dropping, will offer you the possibility to check how the application functions immediately.

Omnichannel characteristics
Omnichannel characteristics

Ferryt applications are omnichannel, i.e. an application started in one channel can be continued in another one, e.g. an application initiated from a smart phone can be continued per telephone from the Call Centre level or at an outlet. Such a feature makes it possible to streamline suspended processes and continue them until the objective is reached.

Ease of “embedding” in other systems
Ease of “embedding” in other systems

The applications you have created can be easily embedded in other systems while preserving full control over the solution implemented. The module thus has mechanisms fulfilling top security requirements.

Real-time activity monitoring
Real-time activity monitoring

Applications supported by Ferryt allow you to have an insight into all kinds of statistics, analyses and monitoring statements. You know where applications take longest to process and where the user stops most often or which sections take longest to fill in.

Selected module functions

  • desktop screen design
  • mobile screen design
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • a wide range of visual controls
  • page style management
  • customer dedicated controls
  • “embedded” mode design
  • possibility to use Ferryt data model
  • test mode with real data
  • direct access to the “run-time” mode
  • possibility to create dedicated scripts
  • favourites management
  • native relation to Ferryt Flow

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