Ferryt – it includes a number of business solutions for certain sectors (e.g. loan handling, insurance sales, etc.) but also standard solutions that are sector independent (e.g. e-Archive, debt collection, law firm services).

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InForum BI Studio tools support executive and decision-making processes in all crucial aspects of activity of a modern enterprise: managing operation efficiency, planning and budgeting, controlling, OLAP analysis, managing sales and marketing – sales controlling, KPI controlling.

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Working at DomData AG

Standards of conduct

We carry out our activities in a way that is honest, fair and open, with respect for human rights and the interests of our employees. We shall apply the same approach to considering legitimate interests of those with whom we have any professional relations. In our company, we follow the rules to ensure safe and harmless work conditions for all employees. We operate in accordance with the letter of the law.

Our employees

We employ people with potential, for whom professional and personal development is important. We understand fully that the fast and versatile development of the company is possible thanks to the openness and creativity of our employees. We recruit, employ and promote employees on the basis of the qualifications and professional skills necessary for appropriate performance of their tasks.

Staff development

We support our employees in enhancing their skills, both in terms of their professional development and personality competencies. We offer a wide range of training, from initial training, qualifying and preparing to work in a given position, through specific training, developing the skills and knowledge necessary in their further work. Our employees attend foreign language courses. An increasing number of projects outside Poland offers our employees a chance to work abroad.

The advantages of working at DomData AG:

  • DomData offers stable employment in a large and constantly developing company. Every employee has an opportunity of promotion, both vertical and horizontal.
  • We adhere to the principle of “open doors”: anyone can talk about their ideas, troubles in the implementation of projects with other employees, including the senior level.
  • We address each other in the first person, which makes the working atmosphere friendly.
  • Each employee has the right to know what is going on in our company. A very well organised intranet site serves as our information board.
  • Before Christmas we meet at the Christmas Eve event.

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