Ferryt – it includes a number of business solutions for certain sectors (e.g. loan handling, insurance sales, etc.) but also standard solutions that are sector independent (e.g. e-Archive, debt collection, law firm services).

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InForum BI Studio tools support executive and decision-making processes in all crucial aspects of activity of a modern enterprise: managing operation efficiency, planning and budgeting, controlling, OLAP analysis, managing sales and marketing – sales controlling, KPI controlling.

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Produkt: Personnel placing

Personnel placing

Many years of experience and masterful programming skills allow us to create the most complex IT systems. Big and experienced team of IT specialists is organized into technology centres, specializing in specific technologies and programming languages:

  • Java, .NET, C++/C#, SAP/ABAP
  • Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2
  • RPG, Cobol, Natural
  • Mobile systems, midrange and mainframe

Cooperation in this project model guarantees fixed costs related to the works being carried out. The estimate for the order is based on the specification delivered by the Customer. The works are done fully by DomData AG team at the company, with the use of its own IT tools. The Customer receives the IT system within the specified time limits and budget.

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