Ferryt – it includes a number of business solutions for certain sectors (e.g. loan handling, insurance sales, etc.) but also standard solutions that are sector independent (e.g. e-Archive, debt collection, law firm services).

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InForum BI Studio tools support executive and decision-making processes in all crucial aspects of activity of a modern enterprise: managing operation efficiency, planning and budgeting, controlling, OLAP analysis, managing sales and marketing – sales controlling, KPI controlling.

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Activity Based Costing – diversification of products and customer, short series, complex business processes, increase of the importance of pre- and post-production costs and the application of new management methods make the traditional cost accounting no longer sufficient.

Using the traditional approach to calculate the cost and effectiveness of processes is impossible, and data on the profitability of distribution channels, customers, markets or products is unavailable or incorrect. That is why such management concepts as Activity Based Costing and InForum system were created.

Modern cost calculation, sorting out complicated business processes
Activity based costing in InForum BI Studio Activity based costing in InForum BI Studio
Capabilities of InForum BI Studio Capabilities of InForum BI Studio
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