Ferryt – it includes a number of business solutions for certain sectors (e.g. loan handling, insurance sales, etc.) but also standard solutions that are sector independent (e.g. e-Archive, debt collection, law firm services).

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InForum BI Studio tools support executive and decision-making processes in all crucial aspects of activity of a modern enterprise: managing operation efficiency, planning and budgeting, controlling, OLAP analysis, managing sales and marketing – sales controlling, KPI controlling.

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InForum BI Studio

Business Intelligence (BI) is a term that describes technologies, tools and actions involving collecting, integration, analysis and presentation of available data. Its essence is to transform the data into useful information, provide knowledge for making responsible, sensible and efficient business decisions.

InForum BI Studio is one of the few systems available on the market that can be fully adjusted to the needs and processes of an enterprise. It is possible because InForum is based on a flexible and configurable platform, on top of which custom solutions can be built to satisfy even the most specific customer’s needs. Implementing InForum may mean: presenting data with executive dashboards or OLAP cubes, tools for planning and budgeting (planning templates), platforms for realizing balanced scorecards (BSC), controlling portals, Management Information Systems (EIS, MIS) and many others.

InForum BI Studio tools support managing and decision-making processes in all important fields of activity of a modern enterprise:

  • managing operational efficiency,
  • planning and budgeting,
  • controlling,
  • reporting,
  • OLAP analysis,
  • managing sales and marketing – sales controlling,
  • controlling KPIs in an organisation.

We support controlling, as well as areas of analysis, plan execution and controlling of implementation.

Base modules

InForum Planning and Budgeting

Specialized solution to support planning and budgeting processes in a company
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InForum Profitability Management

Multidimensional analysis, allocating costs
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InForum Activity Based Costing

Collecting and cross-section analysis of the costs of processes carried out in an enterprise
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InForum HR Controlling

Planning, optimization of personnel resources, improvement of efficiency
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InForum Sales Controlling

Planning and sales forecasting, controlling of deviations
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InForum Production Controlling

Planning, allocating and optimizing production costs
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InForum Marketing Controlling

Procedures and criteria for the assessment of the marketing strategy
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InForum Management Dashboards

The measurement of key performance indicators (KPIs) and support for decision-making processes in co…
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InForum Investment Management

Investment planning and cost allocation
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InForum Costs Calculation

Cost of production of finished goods and of work in progress
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Expansion modules

InForum Sales Commissions

Managing commissions and bonus schemes in organizations
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InForum BSC Balanced Scorecard

Instrument for transforming strategic plans of individual organizations to a set of targets and indi…
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InForum Financial Reporting

The F01, F03 reports, balance sheet, income statement and cash flow statement
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InForum Corporate Reporting

Support for effective decision making at operational and strategic levels, generation of reports and…
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InForum Operational Reporting

Managing the information necessary to manage and control processes in an organization
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InForum Benchmarking

Comparing key performance indicators with organizations achieving better results
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InForum Portfolio Analyses

Analysis of the strategic potential, building and piloting marketing strategies
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